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JCU Sport About JCU Sport

About JCU Sport

There’s plenty of sport on offer at JCU Cairns and Townsville to keep you fit and healthy. Getting into sport is also the best way to help you make some new friends and have fun at the same time. You can compete at any level you choose, from social competitions in sports like touch football and soccer, all the way up to Uni Nationals. There are plenty of options to play at any tier of skill you need.

If you want to represent JCU on the field or in the water, there are several JCU sporting clubs, across a variety of sports. For those more inclined to making friends without getting out of breath, there are also over 40 culture, interest, course, and residential-based clubs across JCU Townsville and Cairns. These clubs will immerse you in JCU’s on-campus culture, with a range of activities and new friends.

You can play sport at JCU without joining a club and representing the university. Social sports include netball, six-a-side soccer, touch football, and beach volleyball. If you want to play for bragging rights, you can compete in the inter-faculty competition. Sports offered include rugby league, touch football, soccer, netball, and basketball.

The Fisher Shield in Townsville and the Gunyarra Cup in Cairns are the ultimate sporting tournaments for the colleges. You’ll compete across numerous sports over two semesters against your fellow on-college students. There’s no better way to get engaged in the college culture of university than to support, or compete in, these competitions.