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Sporting Clubs

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JCU has several clubs you can join in both Townsville and Cairns.

Townsville Clubs

Goju Karate Jutsu

A traditional art and self-defence. Beginners and experienced students alike are welcome. To find out how to get involved visit the club's Facebook or send them an email.

JCU Rugby Union

Founded in 1967, JCU Rugby Club is one of the longest-running rugby union clubs in Townsville. If Rugby Union is your favourite sport, you can represent JCU. Find out how to get involved at the club's Facebook or send them an email.

JCU Water Polo

If you want to improve your fitness, make friends, and spend more time in the water in North Queensland, Water Polo is the sport for you. To learn more about the JCU club, head over to their Facebook or send an email.

Ross River Senior Football Club

Ross River JCU FC Inc. (RRFC) is a soccer club in Townsville based at James Cook University. RRFC is open to all interested players, coaches and volunteers. You can get in touch with RRFC through their Facebook or via email.

Townsville Tiger Sharks Underwater Hockey

Originally developed by the British Navy to train their divers to move and work efficiently underwater, the sport quickly evolved into a fast-paced competition. Games are played at Long Tan pool in Townsville, and you can find out more on Facebook or by sending an email.

Townsville Ultimate Disc Inc.

Ultimate disc is a unique, competitive game using a Frisbee. Fitness, fun and new mates are all on offer, find out how to get involved through Facebook or email.

University Hawks AFL

The University Hawks, established in 1989, are a local amateur AFL team located in Townsville. Find out everything you need to know about the Hawks on their Facebook page or send them an email.

JCU Meditation and Yoga Club

Improve your well-being and fitness with meditation and yoga. Learn more about the club through Facebook or send them an email to find out how you can get started.

JCU Squash

Squash is fast-paced, challenging, and fun. Learn about this club on Facebook or send an email.

Rockclimbers Association North Queensland Inc.

This club usually runs outdoor trips every weekend, catering for any age and experience level, helping people get out there and experience rock climbing. Learn more about the adventure of rock climbing on Facebook, or send the club an email.

Saints Cricket Club

One of seven clubs that compete in the Townsville Cricket Incorporated Competition. All skill levels welcome with several tiers of teams, from A grade to 4th grade. To get a bat in your hands and start playing, head to the club's Facebook page, or send an email.

You can join these clubs via the JCU Student Association Townsville clubs page.

Cairns Clubs

JCU Basketball Association

If basketball is your sport of choice you can represent JCU on the court. You’ll also make great friends and have a great time. To find out how to join, send the club an email.

JCU GAZ Swim Club

North Queensland has great weather all year round, which is why swimming is always a popular choice to keep fit, have fun, and make friends. Find out how to get into the pool via Facebook or email.

JCU Kendo Club

A Japanese martial art based on sword fighting. Martial arts are a great way to work muscles you’ve never used before, and they’re always fun. To get a Shinai in your hands, send the club an email.

JCU Nicci P Run Club

With beautiful weather all year round, there’s no better way to see Cairns than to run along its many scenic routes with your friends. To get started, jog over to the club's Facebook or send an email.

You can join these clubs via the JCU Student Association Cairns clubs page.

Start a club

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, but want to share your favourite sport with your friends and the JCU community, don’t hesitate to start a club. The JCU Student Association can help students start clubs in new sports, and there are ongoing resources to ensure it can be run smoothly.

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Club resources

Sport is a key part of a thriving campus culture which JCU values. The JCU Student Association has resources and contacts on hand to help new and existing clubs run smoothly, so their members can focus on sport.