Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili

Portrait of Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili

2010 College Recipient. College of Business, Law and Governance

Dr Evaster Rose Aderolili is Chief of the Human and Social Development Program for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is the biggest program at UNECA, delivering research, policy advise and technical support to all 54 African countries in areas such as education, employment, health, gender, migration and youth.

After working as an economist in Uganda and a lecturer in Papua New Guinea, Rose joined JCU's fledgling Cairns campus in 1991 as a student and was their first lecturer in economics. She helped increase the number of economics graduates from Cairns and was awarded her Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary) and PhD in 1996.

Rose joined the UN in 2001 as Economic Affairs Officer at UNECA, then was promoted to Chief Economist at the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) where she dealt directly with humanitarian issues, advising on the needs of refugees. She was Chief Advisor to the United Nations as Special Representative of the Secretary General on humanitarian matters and reconstruction in Southern Sudan. Also with UNECA, she was Acting Director/Officer in Charge of the African Centre for Gender and Social Development.

Rose has a vision for Africa without poverty, disease or conflict and wants to increase the economic and social development of a continent she believes has much potential. She also hopes to see Australia become more involved in international development agenda discourse. Last year the Human and Social Development Program which she heads, became the first program to achieve 100 per cent delivery, with the least resources.

Rose is proud of helping establish the Donor-Economic Group in Sudan, which has become a major forum for stakeholders in development there.

The African Union and UN also recently recognised Rose and her team for their significant contribution to Africa's development.

Updated 2012