Clare Campbell

Portrait of Clare Campbell

2013 College Recipient, College of Science and Engineering

Clare Campbell is the Director of Wildlife Asia, President of Silvery Gibbon Project, and Director of the Asian Rhino Project.  She has taken extended long service leave from her position as Primates Supervisor at Perth Zoo to focus on her conservation roles.

Ms Campbell moved to Perth Zoo in 2000 as a Primate keeper after two years at the Ballarat Wildlife Park.  Given the opportunity to hand raise a critically endangered White-cheeked gibbon she discovered her passion for these small apes.  That passion soon transpired into absolute commitment to the conservation of gibbons and other wildlife in South East Asia.

She took over the presidency of the existing Perth based non-profit organisation Silvery Gibbon Project in 2006, and became a founding member and then Director of the Asian Rhino Project, another Perth based non-profit organisation.  She also sits on the conservation fund committee of The Orangutan Project and was recently appointed to the IUCN Species Survival Commission Section on Small Apes.

In the past 10 years, Ms Campbell has made over 20 trips to Indonesia working with local organisations to develop conservation strategies, provide funding support and advice for in situ programs and facilitate cooperation and capacity building amongst local conservation teams.

She was instrumental in 2011 in founding the non-profit group Wildlife Asia, which encourages collaborative, efficient approaches to field conservation programs to protect biodiversity and ensure the long-term security of habitat and species across South East Asia.

Her aim is to build all three organisations from small grass roots volunteer-based not-for-profit groups into major, contributing and influential organisations, having a measurable impact in wildlife conservation.  She recently led a fundraising tour to Borneo, Sumatra and Java with a group of Australian wildlife enthusiasts.

Ms Campbell graduated from James Cook University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science (Biological Science).