Dr Anthony Lindsay

Portrait of Dr Anthony Lindsay

2020 College Recipient, College of Science and Engineering

Dr Anthony Lindsay first graduated from James Cook University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science with Honours. He enjoyed a distinguished career as a Defence scientist, being recognised in 2006 with the Minister’s Award for Defence Science, and culminating in him serving as the Chief of the Defence Science Technology Group’s National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division.

In 2016, he was appointed as the Director of Lockheed Martin’s Science Technology Engineering Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab) in Melbourne. Leading and contributing to applied research efforts of national and international defence and intelligence communities to realise world-class capabilities for Australia’s defence and national security, Anthony has become a world leader in defence science and technology over a thirty year career. Governments and industry stakeholders internationally recognise him for his strategic vision for scientific and engineering research, and for his ability to form and lead world-class scientific and engineering teams to deliver technological outcomes.