Hylda Wapau

2023 Spirit of JCU Award

Hylda Wapau

Hylda Wapau is a Aith Koedal woman who was raised in St. Pauls Community, Mua Island (Moa Island) and Waiben Island (Thursday Island), with strong ties to Saibai Island within the Torres Strait Islands. Hylda’s work within the nursing and health fields have earned her the 2023 JCU Spirit Award.

With a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Hylda’s career has impacted many communities in remote and rural areas. Hylda has worked in a variety of nursing and health training roles, from her graduate role in cardiac nursing at Cairns Base Hospital & Maternal and Child Health Educator with Apunipima Cape York Health Council to her most recent role as Nurse Navigator for the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service.

Other notable roles include

Hylda’s current role as Nurse Navigator involves facilitating the journey of patients with complex healthcare needs. Hylda uses her expertise and experience to help her patients navigate the healthcare system, supporting and advocating a seamless journey. As a senior nurse, Hylda has an in-depth understanding of the health system within the Torres Strait and Cape regions. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach to monitor high-needs patients, develop management strategies and coordinate access to various health services.

Hylda’s passion for improving overall health and wellbeing outcomes is fostered through her holistic approach to culturally safe care, enabling her patients to achieve their full health potential. Her commitment to addressing commercial and social determinants of health, forging strong partnerships, and servicing remote areas gives her a broad scope of impact that reflects the spirit of JCU.