Training and Induction

Work Health and Safety Training and Induction

Training and Induction

JCU’s Health, Safety and Environment Unit offers a range of training programs with the aim of providing useful and relevant health and safety related skills and knowledge; to enable staff to participate and contribute more effectively as a member of the JCU community and to assist in driving a positive safety culture at the University.

Compulsory Inductions

All JCU employees, including casuals, PhD candidates and volunteers must complete the following online induction and Fire Evacuation Program (FEP) within two days of commencement:

Health, Safety and Environment Induction

Please select the link below. You will be requested to enter your name and email address before the induction video commences. Please provide your details to ensure your completion of the induction is registered against your profile. If you proceed to watch the video without logging your details, there will be no record of your induction having been completed.

Fire Evacuation Program

The Fire Evacuation Program (FEP) is an interactive online training, assessment and evacuation planning program which meets the requirements of the Queensland Fire Regulations and Australian Standards. You are required to complete the FEP for each building that you work in. You are also required to complete the FEP when you are relocated to work in another building.

Training and Induction Programs and Videos

The following facilities are restricted to JCU staff and students.

If you would like to attend a hands-on training session (PDF, 401 KB) for Riskware the HSE Unit is now running monthly interactive training sessions for both Townsville and Cairns.

Further information

Please contact to enquire about training or for further information about scheduled training courses.

Induction for JCU Tenants

Commercial tenants of JCU property should watch the Tenants Induction video as part of their work health and safety obligations.