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Examples of Supporting Documentation

Financial Documents

You need to provide income evidence for everyone who is financially supporting you:

  • A personal Centrelink Income statement for yourself; and
  • A personal Centrelink Income statement for your parents or your partner; or
  • An Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment for you, your parents/partner - must be less than 6 months old
  • A minimum of 3 recent pay slips for you, your parents/partner.

Relocating to Study

If you are moving away to study we may require evidence of where you are moving from:

  • Proof of address is any document/s showing your name, residential address including post code and date of issue. Examples can include school reports, bills, rates notice, or Centrelink letters.
  • Your school should provide a letter confirming residential address history upon request.

You can refer to the Remoteness area definition as indicated by the Government.


If you have indicated that you have children and are supporting financially them, we will require evidence as follows:

  • Birth certificate, Passport or Citizenship certificate
  • Proof of custody or guardianship (Medicare card or Centrelink statement)
  • Recent Centrelink statement showing children
  • Medical report – which must include the nature, of your condition, ongoing,

Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances

If you feel you have compassionate and compelling circumstances that you believe may have an impact on your course progress or well-being (not including parental responsibility); these may include:

  • bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate should be provided);
  • a traumatic experience which has impacted the student, and which is supported by police or psychologists’ reports;
  • unavailability of subjects required for the student to progress in their course;
  • inability to begin studying on the course commencement date due to delay in receiving a student visa; and
  • major political upheaval or natural disaster in the student’s home country.

You must submit the following:

  • A written statement that explains your personal situation.
  • Supporting evidence, signed by a relevant health or other professional

Disability, long term Injury, Illness or Health Condition

  • Medical report – which must include the nature, of your condition and be signed by a qualified medical/health professional.