Why Maths?

This series of videos showcases the junior secondary mathematics knowledge used by professionals in the daily tasks they perform as part of their job.

Sport and exercise science is a rapidly growing area of employment as professional sports become increasingly popular and commercial.

Paul Bowman is the high performance manager for the North Queensland Cowboys. Paul talks about his position as a sports scientist for a champion team and how his success was underpinned by his ability to do mathematics at school.

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Exercise physiology is rapidly expanding as a field of employment on the back of unhealthy lifestyles and an ageing population.

Based in Cairns, Jose de Jesus is an exercise physiologist who juggles consultant work and private patients. In this video, Jose talks about the importance of mathematics in gaining his qualifications and performing his daily work.

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Coreen Reading is an Aboriginal nurse who works in the Townsville Hospital emergency department. She became a nurse to help others and give back to her community.

Coreen's narrative describes her time growing up on Mornington Island, attending boarding school in the Atherton Tablelands, and studying nursing at JCU in Townsville. Coreen talks of her persistence with mathematics at school and explains the importance of mathematics in her role as a nurse.

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Primary teachers need to be good at maths. While many people choose a career in primary education because they like working with children, some do not realise they need to have a strong mathematical background as well.

Julie Wallace is a Curriculum Teacher Developer and primary teacher in a Catholic primary school in Townsville. Julie talks about the depth and breadth of mathematical knowledge required to be a primary teacher.

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Secondary mathematics teachers are in high demand.

Matthew Gillam is a secondary Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher at Babinda State High School. Matthew studied Biochemistry at university before changing career paths to become a teacher after realising that he enjoyed tutoring maths more than working in a lab.

View the Matthew Gillam Maths and Chemistry Teacher video

A love of animals is not enough to be a vet. Renee Curry is a vet at a rural practice in Tully.

In this video, Renee talks about the challenges of the job and how a good understanding of mathematics is necessary to deal with both the common and the unusual scenarios she faces.

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Can drones deliver orders for businesses? Yes, they can!

Luke Kennedy is a recent graduate from JCU who worked on a project developing drones that deliver packages containing customer orders. Luke talks about how his interest in mathematics and robotics at Mareeba State High School enabled him to understand how to program the drone.

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