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Study maths and teaching

There are many ways that students can pursue their love of mathematics when they finish high school. At JCU, mathematics can be studied as a major in the Bachelor of Science degree, with options to specialise further in mathematics as part of an honours, Masters or PhD research project.

Find out more by exploring the JCU College of Science and Engineering website or discover all the courses where maths plays a key role.

If students are interested in sharing their enjoyment of mathematics with others, teaching is a rewarding career choice. JCU offers mathematics as a secondary teaching area or a primary teaching area of specialisation in Undergraduate (Bachelor) and Postgraduate (Masters) degrees.

Find out more by exploring JCU's Teaching and Education courses.

This series of videos showcases the junior secondary mathematics knowledge used by professionals in the daily tasks they perform as part of their job.

Give your students an idea of where they might need maths at university. JCU students from a range of disciplines talk about the important of maths during their degree.

Choosing Senior Maths for University Success - Inform your students about choosing the Senior Mathematics subjects that prepare them for success at University.