UAV Flights Training with the 'Great Gazoo'

Training with the 'Great Gazoo'


The Great Gazoo is the newest addition to JCU's fleet of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). It is an upgrade to the Skyjib XL. In the first image, you can see side-by-side, the Skyjib XL (left) and Icon (right). The upgrade is not only an increase in size but also increases the payload capacity and flight time.

On the 3th & 4th of April, you may see it flying over JCU's Douglas campus as the manufacturer is here to do some training with our pilots and testing the capabilities of the system. Have a look out for this beast.

skyjibThe second image here shows the original Skyjib XL with its payload; this payload will be migrated to the Great Gazoo.

And of course, if you see the Great Gazoo, you may even see 'Rainbow Night' out doing some training. Rainbow Night is one of our 3DR Solos.

Contact: Karen Joyce