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TUDLab Research Projects

Research Projects

Urban Heat

This project adds a climate perspective to the smart cities approach, particularly regarding urban heating in a context of global warming.

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Urban Water

Urban stormwater runoff is a significant source of pollution to downstream areas whenever it rains. This problem is significant in North Queensland where runoff from urban areas go directly into the Great Barrier Reef without any treatment.

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State of the Arts in Cairns (SoARTS)

Cairns is renown for its World Heritage Listed natural wonders, but it also has aspirations to be the Arts and Culture Capital of Northern Australia. This research explores the value of culture and the arts to the local community and economy.

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Urban Design and Regional Regeneration

This research examines the role that master planning and urban design can play in the revitalisation of cities and towns in regional Queensland.

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Migration and Liveability

This research explores migration trends to regional Australia to understand what drives decisions about migration and in turn how this shapes cities.

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Tropical Sustainable Design Case Studies

The Case Study Project aims to capture the knowledge and best practice tropical expertise in our built environment. Each case study has been compiled by the Cairns and region construction industry.

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Tropical Design Videos

This project forms part of a larger agenda of developing case studies of place-based tropical design for our region.

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