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TUDLab Research Projects Migration and Liveability

Migration and Liveability

TUDLab is interested in urban growth in regional towns and cities and how to promote sustainable development in local planning and urban design. Regional areas necessitate place-based strategies that draw on their local cultures and strengths rather than superimposing policies from other urban areas.

The research explores these issues in relation to migration, and what drives Australian and international migrants to choose regional towns and cities as destinations to live and work. It examines the profile of recent migrants to understand impulses behind their mobility, explores the jobs they undertake/businesses they bring and identifies key amenities affecting migration decisions. It works with wide range of key stakeholders to help deliver strategies for sustainable regional development.

Research team: Rana Dadpour, Nick Osbaldiston, Lisa Law

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Guaralda, M, Hearn, G, Foth, M, Yigitcanlar, T, Mayere, S and L Law (2020) Towards Australian regional turnaround: Insights into sustainably accommodating post-pandemic urban growth in regional towns and citiesSustainability 12.