TUDLab The TUDLab team

The TUDLab team

Academic Board

Associate Professor Lisa Law

TUDLab Chair, Geographer

Lisa's research focuses on the politics of urban spaces in the tropical world, from the changing meanings of public spaces to the politics of designing the built environment.

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Dr Simona Azzali

Urban Designer

Simona is interested in working across traditional disciplinary boundaries to solve urban problems. Her research includes: urban design and planning of tropical Asian cities, livability and sustainability of urban spaces and pedestrianisation.

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Dr Han She Lim


Han She has worked on urban stormwater remediation projects, such as rain gardens and green roofs, using low impact development techniques (LID) in tropical areas. She is also interested in river rehabilitation and restoration efforts.

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Dr Colin MacGregor


Colin has a PhD in sustainable development. His research uses a variety of social science methodologies to deliver sustainable outcomes, particularly at local and regional levels and in natural resource dependent communities.

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Dr Russell Milledge

Artist and Artworker

Russell has a research background in creative arts and curatorial practice. As a multidisciplinary artist and artworker he has contributed to the contemporary visual and performing arts in Australia and internationally.

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Dr Nick Osbaldiston


Nick researches predominantly in the area of lifestyle or amenity migration. He has also researched areas of climate change adaptation, insurance and under-insurance issues and the histories of coastal development in Australia.

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Professional Board

Sophie Barrett

Designer and Sustainability Advisor

Sophie is a Strategy and Sustainability Advisor at Cairns Regional Council. She has a passion for design as a means to respond to our urban environment through tropical urbanism, climate responsive built form and smart cities technologies.

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Gisela Jung


Gisela is an architect and urban designer at CA Architects. Her focus is on how residential, commercial, retail and public spaces can combine to create the best urban environments.

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Roger Mainwood


Roger is the Principal at TPG Architects, and is currently leading the review of the Cairns CBD and Esplanade Masterplan and consulted for Council on the Cairns City Height and Impact Study.

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Urbi Musso


Urbi is a Senior Planner at wildPLAN, with over 12 years experience in the property and planning sector. Her expertise includes master planning, land use planning in remote and Indigenous communities and community engagement services.

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Andrew Prowse

Landscape Architect

Andrew has extensive Landscape Architectural experience in both the private and government sector. His civic projects include the redevelopment of Munro Martin Park and the Cairns Performing Arts Centre.

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Affiliated Researchers

Rana Dadpour

PhD Candidate

Rana is a tutor at JCU and an academic at UTS. Her main areas of research are liveability and migration in regional areas and volunteer tourism and sustainability. She has been an academic assessor for AFTA National Travel Industry Awards.

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Dr Kearrin Sims


Kearrin is interested in the politics of urban space, patterns of urban inclusion/exclusion, and sustainable urban development. His research focus is the intensification of intraregional socio-cultural and economic flows within Asia.

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