About JCU Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

JCU has many different strategies, plans, statements and reports that capture the University’s strategic direction across its core activities.

Strategies and plans

Corporate strategy

JCU aims to create a brighter future for life in the Tropics and beyond, through education and research that makes a difference locally, and globally.

Our Corporate Strategy is shared by all of JCU, across our operations and locations in Australia, Singapore and elsewhere. It sets out our values, priorities and what matters to us as a university.

University plan

The University Plan expresses how we intend to respond to the challenges facing JCU and the Australian higher education sector over the 2018-2022 period. It highlights the primacy of our academic ambitions (via the Academic Plan) and identifies the services and capabilities required to fulfil these.

Academic plan

The Academic Plan (PDF, 1534 KB) provides context and more detailed information around our academic aspirations and curriculum framework, and identifies executive and operational leads for initiatives. This plan is linked to and part of the broader University Plan.

International engagement strategy

The International Engagement Strategy commits us to achieving comprehensive internationalisation across all dimensions. The strategy sets out how we are connecting JCU to the world and the world to JCU, and ensure that a more internationalised JCU benefits our local communities and economies.

Innovation strategy

The Innovation Strategy outlines our approach to building and supporting a vibrant innovation ecosystem, developing products and processes with real commercial application and driving economic growth.

Natural assets management plans

JCU’s approach to managing natural assets and principles for future campus development are outlined in the Townsville campus Natural Assets Management Plan (PDF, 863 KB) and Cairns campus Natural Assets Management Plan (PDF, 1083 KB).

They articulate the University’s plans to protect cultural heritage, maintain ecologically sustainable plant habitats, integrate native and existing plant ecosystems, control pests and weeds, manage waterways and improve landscape design.

University statements

Reconciliation statement

JCU is committed to working towards the achievement of genuine and sustainable reconciliation between Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community. The Reconciliation Statement and supporting Reconciliation Action Plan help articulate JCU's plans to improve the lives of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through education and research.

Sustainability statement

The Sustainability Statement formalises JCU's commitment to working towards equitable and sustainable development in Northern Queensland, Northern Australia, the Tropics, and worldwide.

Statement on eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault

JCU is committed to fostering a community that features, at its core, respect, inclusion and safety for all. The Statement of Commitment to the Elimination of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault is part of a suite of initiatives designed to help prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Modern slavery statement

Modern slavery includes human trafficking, slavery and practices involving servitude, forced labour, forced or servile marriage, debt bondage and the worst forms of child labour. The Modern Slavery Statement (PDF, 2419 KB) sets out JCU’s actions to address these risks in our business and supply chain.


Annual report

Our Annual Reports contain information about our activities, key performance indicators and yearly financial statements.

Impact report

JCU's contribution to human capital is an important catalyst for growth, economic activity and wellbeing in regional areas. The Impact Report examines the impact of our operations on the Townsville, Cairns and Queensland economies.

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