Sustainability in review 2022

Table of the 17 SDG icons In this section we celebrate sustainability in action, highlighting JCU's progress towards achieving its sustainability goals during 2022.

News and events that related to activities that contributed to JCU's pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) feature icons for the relevant SDGs.

Programs and Events

In a year of many challenges, we reached significant milestones, reconnected our campuses and shared remarkable insights with the broader JCU community.

For many years, JCU has remained committed to addressing the complex, trans-disciplinary, increasingly urgent and interconnected issues of sustainability science development in the Tropics. These seminars bring together international, Australian, and local JCU researchers to share their knowledge and experience with the broader JCU and northern Queensland community.

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Bringing advanced learning and valuable insights to the evening crowd, this event series invites locals to be inspired by JCU’s top researchers and academics as they share their expertise in a relaxed, social environment. From researchers speaking about the intricate social lives of pollinators like bees to managing urban stormwater and other planning considerations, this series has something for everyone.

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JCU's association with Eddie Koiki Mabo is an incredible legacy, having played an important part in his pursuit of land rights. 2022 marked the 30-year anniversary of the Mabo case, one of the most significant turning points for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the fight for native title.

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Providing opportunities for northern Queenslanders to attend university is at the heart of JCU’s commitment to the wellbeing of local communities. Many of JCU’s programs are focused on reducing the cultural, economic and academic limitations on the next generation of students.

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This incredibly popular weekly series of on-campus events began at the start of 2022 to help restore student, staff and community interaction on campus as restrictions from the pandemic eased. All featured free music, food and a relaxed atmosphere to help bring positive energy and a broader sense of community back to campus with opportunities to connect or reconnect with others.

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How do the Social Sciences impact our lives? This series of events provides an opportunity for the public to hear from Australia’s leading experts on issues which help us understand humanity, society and the institutions which govern our daily lives.

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JCU facilitates a variety of events relating to the rule of law and its role in social, economic, environmental and political contexts.

Sessions cover topics including the practice of law and the interaction with government, industry, social structures, law enforcement and community wellbeing.

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Events include workshops, seminars and webinars that provide learning opportunities to support continuous professional development and learning practices.

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In the News

Here you can review a comprehensive list of news announcements from JCU in 2022.