Thursday Island

AITHM Thursday Island

The JCU AITHM Clinical Research and Training Facility on Thursday Island is adjacent to the Torres Strait Hospital and enables research, training and community engagement.

The JCU Thursday Island campus has been named Ngulaigau Mudh, which means means “house of knowledge” in the dialect of the Kala Lagaw Ya, a traditional language of the Torres Strait.

The facility provides teaching, research and learning facilities for JCU students in the Torres Strait region at the northern tip of Australia.

The community space provides an ideal platform for engagement and collaboration with the Torres Strait community and the hospital service to ensure translation of findings.


JCU Thursday Island, Ngulaigau Mudh campus

86-88 Victoria Parade Thursday Island QLD 4875 AUSTRALIA

PO Box 260 Thursday Island QLD 4875

Phone: 07 4212 3615


Business hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm

Parking: Street parking available

Hireable space: Videoconferencing, boardroom, accommodation, PC2 laboratory, pathology sampling rooms and office spaces.

JCU staff and students please utilise the JCU Web Room Booker System (room number  TI004.101).

For community members and local businesses (external process):

  • There is a kitchenette that you can use however you will need to provide the tea/coffee, milk etc.
  • Catering can be arranged through local businesses, however food must not be eaten on carpeted areas.
  • Please ensure that you allow for sufficient set up and pack down time when considering the duration of your hire. Please note, JCU does not operate as a Convention Centre.
  • Scheduling Services will endeavour to advise you of such changes with as much notice as is reasonably possible.
  • AV equipment located in rooms are accessible, though additional charges may apply. Please ensure you tick yes if Video Conferencing, Computer/Internet Access and/or specialised software is required as access to these services will need to be arranged prior to your event.
  • Persons under the age of 18 need written permission by a parent or guardian.
  • Find out more information about the room booking process and video-conferencing support.
  • Any enquires regarding room availability etc. can be emailed to staff on site at
  • For all facility hire enquiries and bookings, please email

AITHM TI Boardroom