Expanding the boundaries of human resources for health research: the Health Policy and Systems Research Human Resources for Health Reader

Are you interested in innovative research on human resources for health (HRH)? If so, please join us for this upcoming webinar.

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What will this webinar cover?

This webinar introduces the forthcoming Health Policy and Systems Research Human Resources for Health Reader.

The Reader, published by the WHO's Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, will be launched at the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Dublin on Nov 15 and will be then be freely available for download.

This webinar gives you a pre-launch introduction to the Reader and access to insider discussions on its contents.

In addition to providing background information about the HRH Reader and presenting an overview of its contents, this webinar will showcase one of the Reader’s seven chapters: Dr. Stephanie Topp (James Cook University) will present from her chapter on innovative research examining health worker performance, practice and improvement. Her presentation will review the contribution of HPSR to the field of HRH performance, illustrating how an HPSR lens enables classic health workforce issues to be explored and understood from a new direction.

We hope you can join us on Nov 2!