Anton Breinl Research Centre Responding to priority health challenges in our region

Responding to priority health challenges in our region

Many health problems are unequally distributed with higher burdens in tropical, rural and remote areas. Understanding the epidemiology of these and then designing, implementing and evaluating interventions is vital.

Current streams in this program:


Program leader:  Associate Professor Richard Franklin

  • MacLaren D et al.  Seventh Day Adventist Responses to HIV in Papua New Guinea.  PNG National Aids Council - Large Research Grant Program. $295 650 over 3 years.
  • MacLaren D et al. Is Male Circumcision an Acceptable and Feasible Intervention to Reduce HIV Transmission in Papua New Guinea? NHMRC Project grant. $605 000 over 3 years.
  • Harrison S. Buettner, Nowak M.  Skin cancer research in north Queensland. $140 000 over 4 years.
  • Harrison S, Buettner, Nowak M.  Multicomponent sun protection pilot intervention for schools. $90 000 over 3 years.
  • Oral cancer in remote Indigenous communities and its links with smoking (cannabis and tobacco)
  • Ye A.  Endogenous bone regenerative technique in craniofacial clefts. ARC Discovery Early Career Research Grant. $375 000 over 3 years.
  • Franklin R, Leggatt P, Speare R , Furyk et al. Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation – Capacity building grant. $210 000 over 3 years.
  • Gordon S, Devine SKnight SFranklin R.  Rural Health Continuing Education Addressing upstream causes and contributing factors to allied health patient presentations in a rural and remote setting. Department of Health and Ageing grant. $46 000 over 2 years.
  • MacLaren D, Speare R, Larkins SEradicating soil transmitted helminthes in the Solomon Islands. AITHM grant. $20 000. Find out more on the Atoifi Health Research Group.
  • Speare R, Maclean J, Mendez D, Judd J, King F. Evaluating the services provided by bat rescue groups in the Queensland public.  Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation: $2900
  • McBryde E, Carlisle K, MacLaren D, Larkins S, Whittaker M, Topp S, et al. Partners in Tropical Health 2017-2019. DFAT funded $2m.