Higher Degree Research Students

Mary Adu

M-health for diabetes self management

Advisors: Associate Professor Bunmi Malau-Aduli and Associate Professor Usman Malabu

Emma Anderson

Planning the right care at the right time - aged care

Advisors:  Dr Robin Ray and Professor Sarah Larkins

Louise Brown

Cultural and pedagogically appropriate clinical education in different professions and different cultures

Advisors:  Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Associate Professor Debra Miles

Ms Marnie Connolly

What is the economic and social impacts of Monash University, School of Rural Health - Bairnsdale, on the East Gippsland Community – Victoria

Advisors: Dr Robyn Preston and Professor Sarah Larkins

Alex Edelman

The role of academic health centres in improving health equity: a multi-centre cross-country comparative study

Despite the increasing spread of academic health centres (AHCs) as new health system structures worldwide and substantial interest in their health equity role, little is known about the capacity of AHCs to contribute to health equity goals. This research aims improve the quality of the evidence base on the health equity role of AHCs by empirically examining how AHCs are addressing, or are positioned to address, unjust and unfair health disparities and their determinants. This research responds to a growing global focus on health equity as a key measure of health system performance.

Advisors: Dr Stephanie Topp, Dr Judy Taylor, Dr Pavel Ovseiko and Professor Sarah Larkins (Advisor Mentor)

Kristin Edwards

Understanding the Aeromedical Patient journey and Outcomes in Central Queensland: A Linked Data Study

Advisors: Associate Professor Richard Franklin, Emeritus Professor Rhondda Jones, Professor Gerard Fitzgerald, Dr Petra Kuhnert and Dr Sankalp Khanna

Catriona Felton-Busch

What do the birthing experiences of three generations of Mornington Island women reveal about their aspirations regarding birthing on country

Advisors: Professor Sue McGinty and Dr Lynore Geia

See Catriona's research portfolio.

Elizabeth Gumbaketi

Investigation of "menstruation knowledge" and "attitudes towards menstruation", and feeling of preparation for menarche among early female adolescents in the rural and urban settings of Melanesian societies of Torres Strait Island in Australia and Papua New Guinea

Advisors: Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Professor Sarah Larkins, Professor Maxine Whittaker and Associate Professor Ronny Gunnarsson

Humpress Harrington

Developing Local Models to Strengthen and Improve Capacity in Health Research in Melanesia

Advisors: Associate Professor David MacLaren, Professor Sarah Larkins and Professor Maxine Whittaker

Relmah Harrington

Family planning service provision in Solomon Islands: A Case Study Approach

Advisors: Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Dr Nikki Harvey and Professor Sarah Larkins

Susan Ireland

Decision making processes for the resuscitation of the baby at the verge of viability

Advisors: Dr Robin Ray, Professor Sarah Larkins and Dr Lynn Woodward

Karen Johnston

Dementia in Fiji: Perspectives of people with dementia, caregiver, service providers and community

Advisors: Professor Sarah Larkins, Dr Robyn Preston and Professor Eddy Strivens

Achamma Joseph

Is there a role for L-Arginine supplementation in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers in a north Queensland community diabetes clinic?

Advisors: Professor Sarah Larkins, Dr Madeleine Nowak and Professor Clare Heal

Dr Abhishek Joshi

Development and Implementation of a Breast Cancer Care Pathway in Townsville Region - A Study Looking into Feasibility, Governance, Patient Centred Outcomes and Economics.

Advisors: Dr Rebecca Evans, Professor Sabe Sabesan and Professor Sarah Larkins

Etivina Lovo

Enhancing Current International Human Research Ethics Guidelines by Including Indigenous Principles of Human Research Ethics. The Cases of the Pacific Island Nations of Fiji and Tonga

Advisors: Professor Sarah Larkins, Dr Robyn Preston and Dr Lynn Woodward

Dan Lowrie

What does “health” mean in palliative care? An examination on the concept of health among people with life limiting illness and those who care for them

Advisors: Dr Robin Ray, Professor Matthew Yau and Professor David Plummer

Clement Manineng

Integrating safe circumcision for HIV prevention at male initiation ceremonies in Yangoru-Sausia, Papua New Guinea

Traditional male initiation ceremonies often involve foreskin cutting and other penile modification to signify transition from boy to man. In Papua New Guinea, the East Sepik Provincial HIV Response team is introducing medical male circumcision into initiation ceremonies in Yangoru-Sausia to avert adverse events and for HIV prevention. However, it is unclear what local people think about the involvement of health workers at sacred ceremonies. Likewise, the health standards and medium term impact of the modified ceremony are unknown. Clement's study will investigate the acceptability and feasibility of integrating medical male circumcision into traditional initiation ceremonies in Yangoru-Sausia, Papua New Guinea.

Advisors: Professor John McBride, Dr. David MacLaren and Professor Reinhold Muller

Liz McDonald

An exploration of the academic and early career professional practice for James Cook University medical students who have experienced academic difficulty

Advisors: Associate Professor Bunmi Malau-Aduli, Prof Sarah Larkins and Dr Teresa O’Connor

Julie Mudd

Managing co-morbid chronic disease and excess alcohol consumption

Investigating the impact of alcohol consumption in excess of guideline recommendations on individuals with chronic disease in terms of disease progression and health service utilisation. This is intended to improve our understanding of how this challenging combination is currently managed and how both patients and practitioners can be better supported in the future.

Advisors: Professor Sarah Larkins and Associate Professor Kerrianne Watt

Dr Zulfiquer Otty

Implementation and evaluation of referral pathways for people with Lung Cancer in Townsville Health Service District

Advisors: Dr Rebecca Evans, Professor Sabe Sabesan and Professor Sarah Larkins

Ekta Paw

Fibrin glue in skin grafts for skin cancer

Fibrin glue is a biological glue used in surgery for stopping bleeding and to adhere surfaces together. It may be better than sutures or staples for skin cancer excisions so this study will compare the two.

Advisors: Dr Venkat Vangaveti, Dr Mark Zonta, Professor Clare Heal and  Associate Professor Ronny Gunnarsson

Rachel Quigley

Strengthening dementia care in the Torres Strait

Advisors: Associate Professor Michelle Redman MacLaren, Dr Sarah Russell and Professor Sarah Larkins

Simone Ross

Teaching leadership skills to medical students: Are we transformative yet?

The project aims to evaluate the training, assessment and impact of undergraduate medical leadership curricula in Australia. The first step is a case study series across Australian medical schools to identify current and best practice medical leadership teaching and assessment frameworks, and factors and experiences that help create student and graduate leaders. The second step is the development of a medical leadership curriculum to be taught to year six JCU MBBS students. The intervention will be evaluated via a four year study to determine if and when graduates developed patient quality or health service improvement, and/or are identified by others as leaders.

Advisors: Professor Tarun Sen Gupta and Dr Peter Johnson

See Simone's research portfolio.

Nicholas Schubert

International Approaches to Rural Medical Generalism

Advisors: Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Dr Rebecca Evans and Professor Sarah Larkins

Rachael Tommbe

Health System Capacity to Provide Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in Papua New Guinea.

Advisors: Associate Professor  David MacLaren, Associate Professor  Andrew Vallely and Professor Sarah Larkins

Robin Warren

Defining pharmaceutical public health competencies for Australian Pharmacists

Advisors: Dr Karen Carlisle and Professor Beverley Glass

Dr Allyson Agnew

Medical Education in the 21st Century

Supervisors:  Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Professor Sarah Larkins, Professor Francis Quirk and Dr Rebecca Evans

Dr Danielle Butler

Area level effects on access to primary health care services and health equity

Supervisor: Professor Sarah Larkins

Dr Ru Kwedza

Clinical Governance in Rural and Remote Primary Health Services in North Queensland

Supervisor: Professor Sarah Larkins

Dr Clement Manineng

Medical circumcision integrated within traditional male initiation ceremonies for HIV prevention in Yangoru-Saussia, Papua New Guinea

Supervisors: Associate Professor Davin MacLaren and Professor John McBride

Dr Lorraine Muller

Shifting the lens: Indigenous research in mainstream Australian culture

Supervisor: Professor Sarah Larkins, Professor Jennifer Judd and Associate Professor Susan Gair

Dr Robyn Preston

How do Contextual Issues Influence Socially Accountable Medical Schools?

Supervisors: Dr Judy Taylor, Professor Sarah Larkins and Dr Jennifer Judd

See Robyn's JCU research portfolio

Prof Sabe Sabesan

Access to Care and Benefits to Cancer Patients in Rural and Remote Locations Using Telemedicine

Supervisors: Professor Sarah Larkins, Associate Professor Petra Buettner and Dr Rebecca Evans

See Sabe's JCU research portfolio

Dr Paul Welch

Developing of clinical reasoning skills amongst medical students and junior doctors

Supervisors: Professor Frances Quirk, Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Professor Sarah Larkins, Associate Professor Louise Young and Dr Rebecca Evans