Academy Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management

The Curriculum Management Team manages the teaching and learning program portfolio for the Academy with respect to approvals, accreditations and program quality reviews.

Provide specialist advice and assistance in the processes of -

Curriculum Management:

  • Coursework approvals and changes
  • Program development and quality
  • Course and subject reviews

Curriculum Information Management:

  • Maintain SMS configuration
  • Maintain handbook listing of course & subject information

Professional Accreditations:

  • Advice to College Staff
  • Project management of accreditation submissions
  • Site visits
  • Regulatory and policy compliance

Curriculum Management Team

Lisa Vandommele
Manager, Curriculum Management

Lisa Arnell
Curriculum Accreditation Specialist

Cheryn McPherson
Curriculum Information Advisor

Damien Horne
Curriculum Management and Accreditation Specialist

Cinzia Spinelli
Curriculum Management and Accreditation Specialist

Angela Mehigan
Senior Curriculum Management and Development Specialist

Lauren Littler
Academic Program Quality Advisor

Angela Moxon
Curriculum Information Officer

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