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Early and Mid-Career Researcher Group

About us

Our group is open to anyone working within JCU health-related disciplines who self-identify as an early or mid-career researcher (typically up to 15 years post-PhD, excluding career breaks). The group aims to foster a sense of community between our EMCRs and support overall career progression.

The group meets monthly varying between discussion sessions, invited speakers, workshops and social events. We also organise a yearly retreat focusing on researcher skill development and bringing together our members based at different university campuses.

The group has established an EMCR mentoring plan available to all members who are interested. Our past priorities have included the development of HDR supervision capabilities, identifying opportunities for EMCRs to be involved in teaching and skilling staff to be more assertive in being able to drive their own performance development plan. Our 2022 priorities include advocacy to explore opportunities to represent EMCR members' issues and priorities at JCU forums; mentoring to support career development and HDR mentoring; and networking to promote collaboration between EMCRs across disciplines, Colleges, and with collaborators including TAAHC

Please direct any enquiries to the committee’s mailbox

Current committee members and roles

Photo of Dr. Dileep Sharma

Dr. Dileep Sharma


Dr. Andreas Kupz

Immediate Past Chair, Cairns

Dr. Oyelola Adegboye

Deputy Chair, Townsville

Dr. Alex Edelman

Deputy Chair

Dr. Maria Castellanos Reynosa


Dr. Faith Alele

Events Coordinator, Townsville

Photo of Dr. Tamara Buhagiar

Dr. Tamara Buhagiar

Events Coordinator, Cairns

Photo of Secretary - currently vacant

Secretary - currently vacant

Secretary - currently vacant

Previous committees

Chair – Dr. Andreas Kupz

Deputy Chair, Townsville – Dr. Anton Pak & Dr. Oyelola Adegboye

Deputy Chair, Cairns – Dr. Dileep Sharma

Events Coordinator – Dr. Rachael Ryan

Treasurer – Dr. Phurpa Wangchuk

Secretary – Dr. Katie Tungatt

Chair – Dr. Andreas Kupz

Chair – Dr. Andreas Kupz