Academy College Operations Management

College Operations Management

The College Operations Managers and Officers undertake the operational management of Colleges in support of the College Dean, all Academic staff, and teaching, learning, and research activity within, including:

  • College and work unit budget management and strategic planning
  • Financial and workforce forecast and planning management
  • Academic workload process support and management
  • Special project management and consultation
  • Support and advise on College research applications and programs
  • Industry and partner engagement and stakeholder management
  • College asset management
  • Governance and compliance for JCU and external bodies including internal audits, accreditation, WHS, and other legislative requirements.

College Operations Management team

  • Marcelle Crawford - College of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Bonnie Eklom - College of Arts, Societies and Education
  • Peter Robertson - College of Science and Engineering
  • Lisa Arnell - College of Business, Law and Governance
  • Suzanne Delahunty - College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Science
  • Kasandra Brown - College of Healthcare Sciences