Supervisor Essentials

Local work integrated learning support

An experienced health professional of the same profession as the participant will be co-located or highly accessible (onsite and available >50% work hours). The health professional should have or be developing skills in training and education. The role is anticipated to require 60-90 mins per week of learning-focused engagement with the participant including:

  • advising on module selection to match the development plan to organisational requirements.
  • guiding contextualisation of learning activities to the local context e.g. identifying relevant organisational policy documents or clinical pathways of relevance to module topics.
  • reviewing and providing supportive feedback to the participant on specific  learning activities.
  • demonstration or supervised practice of clinical or professional skills that are in development.
  • support to identify and access local or organisational training resources that may assist general development goals or work on modules e.g. local in-service program, online training available to employees, method of accessing organisation library resources.

Allocated work time

The Rural Generalist Program is a work integrated learning program. Some activities will require access to resources and systems, discussions or meetings with colleagues, and other activities will need to be done in work time. Modules involve 22 hours of time commitment (3-4 hours per week) and are six weeks in duration. The majority of study time will need to be undertaken in the workplace. Access to a computer, organisation intranet (where relevant) and Internet in the work unit will also be assumed.