Program Structure

Program Structure

Rural Service Delivery Domain

The Rural Service Delivery Domain focuses upon maximising service capacity taking into consideration challenges of dispersed populations and finite resources. The modules focus on service evaluation and planning to deliver high quality, safe, effective and efficient services as close to a consumer’s community as possible.

Topics explored include the fundamentals of project management, evaluation of work-based projects, knowledge translation, quality improvement processes, enhancement of social and professional community engagement and cultural competency, local service strategic intent, the broader organisational context, key rural service delivery strategies and the processes and clinical practices required to successfully implement these.

Core Modules

Complete modules from the Core Modules list below

Watch Rural Service Delivery Domain module videos, for more information

Rural Generalist Practice Domain

The Rural Generalist Practice Domain consolidates and reframes early career clinical knowledge and skills to better match local service strategic intent in order to deliver a safe and effective rural generalist service, that meets community needs. The modules promote identifying and managing increasingly complex cases with the support of a professional supervisor and provide the opportunity to develop a broad scope of both profession and service specific clinical capabilities by applying knowledge to both real and simulated consumers from across the lifespan and with a diverse range of clinical conditions. Modules provide ample opportunities to explore challenges presented in rural and remote communities with a focus on the strong multi-disciplinary nature of rural and remote practice.

The four focus areas in this domain include, Ages and stages across the lifespan, Managing health conditions, Profession specific clinical skills and Service specific clinical skills.

Complete six modules from a minimum of three focus areas

Refer to 2024 Allied Health Rural Generalist Program Module Availabilities for the modules that are aligned to your profession:

2024 Allied Health Rural Generalist Program Module Availabilities

Participants must complete MO1005 and MO1025 before enrolling in MO1022.

Participants must complete MO1006 before enrolling in MO1029 and MO1027.