Planning a Field Trip

Information for staff and students to navigate through the processes of planning a field trip:

Field Trip preparation

  1. Book JCU vehicles
  2. Complete Risk Assessment on Riskware
  3. Complete Boating and Diving plan if required, including booking boats/equipment etc
  4. Complete Field Trip Module on Riskware, including all attendees, and their emergency contacts. Submit to supervisor for approval.
  5. If you’re taking volunteers (non-staff and non-student), need to fill in Authorisation for Volunteer form for them to be covered by JCU insurance.
  6. Source quotes for flights/accommodation/car hire in Concur
  7. Complete travel request:
    1. Students: Refer to the 2019-Student-Information-Package (PDF, 350 KB)
    2. Staff: For Travel Approval on field trips, please complete the Staff Domestic Travel (PDF, 92 KB) template and email to
    3. Overseas: Check destination’s Travel Advice level on If level 2 (exercise a high degree of caution) please provide travel statement. If level 3 (Reconsider your need to travel), provide travel justification. If level 4 (Do not travel), will not be approved.
    4. Private Travel Assessment
  8. Once travel request is approved, you can book flights/accommodation/external car hire in Concur.

Field Trip contacts

Technical or equipment questions:

Travel related questions:

Health and Safety (riskware, field trip module) questions:

Boating and Diving related questions: