Academy Academic Services

Academic Services

The Academic Services team provides critical support to the teaching and learning enterprise of the Academy in respect of subject preparation, delivery and finalisation; support for course management delivery, and HDR management.

Provide academic assistance in the processes of:

  • TRDB and CSDB administration
  • Subject outline administration
  • Result processing
  • Subject scheduling (block and intensive mode only)
  • JCUS and JCUB subject packages
  • On-course assessment support
  • HDR Candidature activities
  • Honours management
  • Student Prizes and Awards
  • Accreditation support
  • Clinical skill volunteer coordination
  • Secretariat support for teaching and learning, curriculum management & assessment committee meetings.

Academic Services Team

Rebecca Steele
Manager, Academic Services

Florence Berlot
Team Leader, Academic Services - CMD; CBLG

Shirley Johnson
Team Leader, Academic Services - CASE; CPHMVS

Shama Mathew
Team Leader, Academic Services - CHS; Pathways; Professional Programs

Debbie Berry
Team Leader, Academic Services - CSE

Helen Griffiths
Academic Services Advisor, Research - Academy

Donna Caine
Academic Services Officer - Academy