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Prof. Darren Crayn

Prof. Darren Crayn

Professor and Director, Australian Tropical Herbarium

BSc (Hons), University of New South Wales 1994

PhD, University of New South Wales 1998


E2.118J, Sir Robert Norman Building (E2), James Cook University, PO Box 6811, Cairns QLD 4870


+61 (0)7 4232 1859



Mine and my group’s research is in the field of plant systematics and evolution and deals broadly with the questions: how many plant species are there in tropical Australia and the region, how are they related and how have they evolved? We use a range of traditional and cutting edge techniques, ranging from field surveys and herbarium taxonomy to scanning electron microscopy, DNA-barcoding and genomics. Our studies are:

  • discovering, naming and classifying new plant species

  • determining the evolutionary relationships among them

  • mapping the distribution of ecosystems, species and genetic variation within species across the landscape

  • developing DNA-based tools for species identification and rapid biodiversity inventory

  • uncovering the deep-time origins and ancient migration pathways of plant groups that are found in tropical Australia today

Selected Publications

Baba Y, Rossetto M, Crayn D (2020) Identifying evolutionary lineages in the Elaeocarpus obovatus complex: population genetics and morphometric analyses support a new subspecies, Elaeocarpus obovatus subsp. umbratilis, from northern Queensland, Australia. Australian Systematic Botany, 33 (4), 346-379.

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Joyce E, Thiele K, Slik F, Crayn D (2020) Checklist of the vascular flora of the Sunda-Sahul Convergence Zone. Biodiversity Data Journal, 8, e51094.

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Cooper WE, Crayn DM, Zich FA, Miller RE, Harrison M, Nauheimer L (2019) A review of Austrocallerya and Pongamia (Leguminosae subfamily Papilionoideae) in Australia, and the description of a new monotypic genus, Ibatiria. Australian Systematic Botany 32, 363-384.

Osborne OG, Ciezarek A, Wilson T, Crayn D, Hutton I, Baker WJ, Turnbull CGN, Savolainen V (2019) Speciation in Howea palms occurred in sympatry, was preceded by ancestral admixture, and was associated with edaphic and phenological adaptation. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 12, 2682–2697.

Crayn, DM, Puente-Lelièvre, C, Jensen, R (2019) Unusual new species of Styphelia (Ericaceae, Epacridoideae, Styphelieae) from north-eastern Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 32, 216-227.

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