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Law Honours Program

The purpose of the Honours Programs at James Cook University is to provide the necessary research opportunities and experience for those students who anticipate going on to apply for enrolment in higher research degrees or who seek to enhance their research competence. Through the Honours Program we aim to foster the development of sophisticated legal and policy analysis, conceptual, critical and contextual thought, and high quality research skills. The Honours Program is a key means of fulfilling our commitment to the production of research and writing of a high quality in areas of law which require deep critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis and reform.

Entry to the Honours program is restricted to students with an GPA of 5 and above. Honours graduates fall within the top 15-20% of the graduating class.

Law offers two streams within its Honours Program:

  1. The three credit point LA4026 Research Thesis A allows an opportunity to explore a research topic but not at the same length as the six unit subject

  2. The six credit point chain LA4047 and LA4048 Research Thesis B caters for students wishing to research a topic in-depth, improve their research skills and who intend to undertake postgraduate studies

Entry into the Honours program is by application to the Honours Coordinator. Honours candidates must enrol in either subject LA4026:03 ‘Research Thesis A’ or subject chain LA4047:03 and LA4048:03 ‘Research Thesis B’. Before being permitted to enrol in ‘Research Thesis A’ or ‘Research Thesis B’, candidates must respond to their acceptance by applying in writing to the Honours Coordinator no later than two weeks in advance of the relevant study period commencing

Neil Dunbar

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