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Opportunities to tap into our expertise

You can leverage the expertise of our researchers through a variety of engagement and partnership opportunities, addressing your professional or organisational challenges with new knowledge and actionable outcomes.

  • We can carry out co-designed, in-depth research projects to better understand the full scope of your challenges before proposing tailored solutions.
  • We can work with you in developing tools and frameworks to future-proof your organisation and/or industrial/professional sector.
  • We can work with you in addressing capacity challenges and system impacts to accelerate transformations and reforms.
  • We can provide timely inputs informed by cutting-edge research for strategic, tactical and operational decision-making.
  • We can work with you to utilise government funding opportunities, like Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grants, to co-fund the development of cutting-edge solutions.
  • We can work with you so that you can access top talent by sponsoring CBLG doctoral students and/or professorial research chairs for embedded research capability, thought leadership reports, and industry-leading insights.
  • We can work with you to build capability through co-facilitating conferences, events, or workshops, bringing together diverse groups to explore solutions to complex challenges.
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Some prior collaborative projects include:

Policy problem: 

There is a lack of a comprehensive approach to ethical capability building within the accounting profession. The overarching objective of the study was to improve ethical decision-making, behaviors, and the overall ethical climate within the accounting profession. The policy recommendations enhance and strengthen the ethical capability of both individual practitioners and the organizations they work for.

The solution:

The report specifies an Ethical Capability Building (ECB) Program for accountants, addressing the gap between ethical competence and action. It involves a collaborative design with institutions, emphasizing ethical leadership, critical thinking, and peer support. The program covers code discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, offering flexibility and diverse components like networking and mentoring.

The report was commissioned by CPA Australia, and disseminated by APO | Analysis and Policy ObservatoryCPA Australia, and The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) on its website (Knowledge Gateway).

Neesham, C. and Azim, M. I. (2018) Building ethical capability for accounting professionals: a needs analysis study.APO | Analysis and Policy Observatory.

The Policy Problem:

The absence of a comprehensive platform in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to measure the monetary values of ecosystem services, leading to hindered environmental planning, management decisions, and underinvestment in protected areas in PNG.

The Economic Solution:

The recommended solution involves increasing financial support for environmental protection to 1.8% of government budgetary expenditure, adopting a whole government approach for ecosystem services, and implementing natural capital accounting.

Chaiechi, T., Gabriel, J., Esparon, M., and Sievers, K. (2022) Making Nature's Value Visible: Valuing the Contribution of Nature to Papua New Guinea's Economy and Livelihoods. Report. United Nations Development Programme, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

The Policy Problem:

Since the introduction of the Superannuation Guarantee in 1991, Australian working adults can choose their preferred superannuation funds. The MySuper product was introduced under Australian legislation in 2012 as a standard default option that can be compared across different superannuation funds to aid decision making for the Australian working population. The Stronger Super Reform in 2013 recommended that disclosure and communication of superannuation funds be improved to provide transparency and quality information to enhance decision making.

The Solution:

Preparation of a commissioned paper for the Australian Centre of Financial Studies to develop a disclosure index for Australian superannuation funds and disclosure practices with the MySuper product in 2016.

Four superannuation funds disclosure indexes were developed, including SuperGov Index, SuperInvest Index, SuperFee Index and SuperInfo Index. While governance information has been transparent, disclosure about fund fees and costs, and investment products used to be limited. An additional index, namely MySuperInfo, was then developed to provide access to the implementation and information disclosure of MySuper.

Cam, M-A, Awan, O. & Tan, M. (2018), Superannuation Fund Disclosure: Past, Present and Future, prepared for Australian Centre of Financial Services Commissioned Paper Series, October, Melbourne.

The Marketing Problem:

An Australian bakery sought to increase its market share

The Marketing Solution:

This report identified the trajectories the Australian bread and bakery manufacturing industry was heading, and how the bakery could better position itself, a number of strategic recommendations were provided.


Cooray, A. and Cooray, P. (2017) The Bread and Bakery Manufacturing Industry in Australia: Trends and Prospects, prepared for Suprima Bakeries Pvt. Ltd.

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