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JCU Students Volunteer at NQ Parliament

Fri, 12 May 2023
Categories: Students.

The regional sitting of the Qld Government at Cairns Convention Centre. The regional sitting of the Qld Government at Cairns Convention Centre

JCU Law Students volunteer to help school children learn about parliament at the NQ Regional Parliament that took place at the Cairns Convention Centre on 8 -12 May, 2023.

The Queensland Legislative Assembly meet in Cairns for the sixth regional sitting of the Queensland Parliament from Monday 8 to Friday 12 May 2023. Visitors, including over 2500 school children from the region, were welcomed to the open gallery and had the opportunity to view first-hand the Regional Parliament and experience democracy in action.

The Cairns Convention Centre was converted into a formal parliament setting where the proceedings took place. Visitors could also walk-through exhibition displays explaining what Parliament does, the role of making law, the people of parliament, and how they can get involved.

Several JCU Law students volunteered their time over the three days to assist as guides to the school children and help with other activities. Royce Mau, a 1st Year law student said she was excited to take part in the event and to see how it all worked.

JCU 1st Year Law Student Royce Mau and the Queensland Parliament volunteer organiser Rebecca Quinnell.

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