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IoT lab and course

NarrowBand Internet of Things (NBIoT) research lab

The NBIoT lab is a first for Australia, and was established at JCU Cairns in 2017. The research facility, consisting of a teaching laboratory and workshops, features technology provided by Huawei. The company also provides direct funding for specialised research and opportunities for JCU IoT students to travel to the company's headquarters i n China and Australia as part of its Seeds for the Future program. The lab allows students to train using the very latest equipment that conforms to the IoT international standard.

Internet of Things courses

Electronic Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering

James Cook University is the first university in Australia to offer a dedicated Internet of Things engineering degree. The Electronic Systems and Internet of Things course combines the software skills taught in traditional Information Technology and the hardware skills of traditional electronic engineering in one innovative course.

Study physical-layer and application-layer IoT techniques, including communications, embedded smart devices networks and protocols, data analytics, privacy and security. IoT networks are used for remote monitoring of healthcare, smart agriculture, smart city applications, such as water conservation and energy use, and environmental monitoring.

Develop sensor technologies, analyse big data and design smart technology that relates to various industries. Work with cloud computing and wireless communication utilising a state-of-the-art Internet of Things research lab. Become innovative technology leaders, accessing world-class lecturers and their strong industry partnerships.

Bachelor of Technology and Innovation

Incorporates the Sensor Technologies and the Internet of Things Major

The Bachelor of Technology and Innovation aims to combine valuable IT skills with critical thinking, problem-solving skills and innovation to help businesses run efficiently. Use your broad knowledge of technology to make appropriate recommendations and identify opportunities. Graduates learn to make meaning of data and find inventive ways to re-invigorate businesses. While not a dedicated Internet of Things course, it does offer a major in sensor technologies, providing experience in analysing data to provide solutions using real-time operating systems and computer interfacing.

Study Electronic Systems and IoT Engineering at JCU

JCU student Wilson Bow discovered he could combine maths, science and problem solving into one innovative degree.