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Engineering academic staff

Photo of Daniel Christie

Daniel Christie

Head of Engineering

Daniel Christie is an expert in project and asset management, with experience in various large-scale engineering projects, ranging from defence to leading global mining and resource companies.

Dr Elsa Dos Santos Antunes

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Elsa obtained her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from JCU in 2018. Previously she was Head of Advanced Ceramics Department, capitalising more than ten years' employment within industry undertaking research projects.

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Dr Bithin Datta

Senior Lecturer

Bithin researches water resources systems, Al Applications, Surface and Groundwater Modelling and Remediation, Droughts, Coastal aquifers management and mine site contamination.

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Dr Yang Du

Lecturer, Electronic Systems and Internet of Things

Dr. Yang Du was a researcher at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE, and a lecturer at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China. His interests include renewable energy integration, power electronics and smart grid.

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Dr Liyuan Fan

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Liyuan's research interests focus on application of fuel cell technology, biomass gasification and gas cleaning technology to renewable energy systems founded by strong fundamentals in mathematical modelling and materials investigations.

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Professor John Ginger

John Ginger is Research Director at the Cyclone Testing Station, researching wind engineering. He is also Chief Investigator in a Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC project and an ARC Linkage project.

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Jeremy Gordon


Jeremy teaches first and second year subjects in mathematics, physics and engineering. His research areas include mathematical modelling and machine design.

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Photo of Professor Yinghe He

Professor Yinghe He

Chemical Engineer

Professor He is particularly interested in the understanding and application of the formation and behaviour of solid particles, liquid droplets and gas bubbles in industrial scale processes.

Dr David Henderson

Chief Engineer, CTS

David is Director of the Cyclone Testing Station. He has conducted damage investigations following cyclones, tornadoes and storms here and overseas.

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Dr Tao (Kevin) Huang

Lecturer, Electronic Systems and IoT Engineering

Dr Huang's research interests are Deep Learning, Smart Sensing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Future Wireless Communications, and IoT Security.

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Professor Mohan Jacob

Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Associate Dean Research Education

Professor Jacob's research interests include: Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Technique, Graphene, Organic Semiconductors, RF Plasma Polymerisation, Microwave Pyrolysis.

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Dr Owen Kenny

Lecturer, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr Kenny is an expert in signals processing and teaches in the engineering program. His teaching focus is on Digital Signals Processing and digital logic software implementations.

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Dr Mehdi Khatamifar

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Mehdi obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2018, focusing on the numerical investigation of conjugate natural convection boundary layers. The main application of his research is heat transfer in buildings and ventilation.

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Dr Kenneth Leong

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering

Dr Leong's primary research involves characterisation of materials at microwave frequencies. He has worked at NIST (Boulder, CO), Hill Michael and Associates and Ergon Energy.

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Professor Wenxian Lin

Head of the Mechanical Engineering

Professor Lin's research fields include; buoyancy-driven flow and heat transfer, stratified flows, CFD, and solar thermal engineering. He has participated in 8 ARC Discovery Projects.

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Dr Bronson Philippa

Electronics and Software Engineer

Dr. Philippa focuses on software and modelling. He seeks to apply computational methods to diverse applications, from organic semiconductors to sensors and automation in smart agriculture.

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Dr Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi

Senior Lecturer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Mostafa's research lies in the areas of neural-inspired computing, embedded system designs, hardware acceleration of machine learning algorithms, memristive computing, and nanoelectronics.

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Dr Madoc Sheehan

Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Madoc Sheehan is a process modeller. His research interests are in drying and dryer design (minerals, food, fibre and algae), multi-scale process modelling and industrial energy analysis.

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Dr Rong Situ

Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Situ's research interests are two-phase flow experimentation and modelling, environmental fluid mechanics, and bio-fuel engine technologies.

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Dr Nagaratnam Sivakugan

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Dr Nagaratnam Sivakugan is a professional engineer and a chartered civil engineer, specialising in geotechnical engineering. His geotechnical books are adopted as textbooks worldwide.

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Professor Anne Steinemann

Chair of Sustainability

Anne is an expert in engineering and sustainability, with research in healthy buildings and environments, climate-related hazards, disaster risk reduction, product emissions and effects, and safe and resilient infrastructure.

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Dr Peter To

Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Dr To has research expertise in numerical simulation, geotechnical and dam engineering. His interests include soil (surface and internal) erosion, slope stability, consolidation and ground improvement

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Associate Professor Rabin Tuladhar

Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, CSE

Dr. Tuladhar's research interests include innovative construction Materials, durability of concrete, seismic design, strengthening of aged infrastructure, sustainable design and engineering education.

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Dr. George Vamvounis

Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Dr Vamvounis has a PhD in Polymer Chemistry. His research now focuses on engineering new conjugated polymers for sensors, solar cells and transistors.

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Dr Eric Wang

Lecturer, Electronic Systems and IoT Engineering

Dr Eric Wang has been conducting the research and implementation of IoT technology since 2007. His research focuses on integrating IoT technology in smart houses, smart industries and smart cities.

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Dr Greg Wheatley

Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Wheatley's research focuses on finite element analysis, mechanical design to Australian Standards, metal fatigue, fracture mechanics, bulk materials handling and Lean manufacturing.

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Photo of Associate Professor Ahmed Zahedi

Associate Professor Ahmed Zahedi

Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zahedi's research interests include: Smart Grid & Smart Grid technologies; Grid integration of alternative sources, renewable energy generation systems and power system modelling.