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College of Science and Engineering Research

Earth and Environmental Science Research

Earth and Environmental Science involves understanding and finding solutions to contemporary environmental challenges. JCU is at the forefront of research in a number of geoscience and environmental management themes.

Engineering Research

Engineering is the practice of identifying a problem, and coming up with a solution. JCU has many world-renowned researchers who undertake cutting-edge research in their chosen field of engineering.

Information Technology Research

JCU Information Technology researchers develop innovative solutions using cutting-edge computer technology, covering a range of fields including internet security, data mining, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Marine Biology and Aquaculture Research

JCU Marine Biology and Aquaculture researches alternative and innovative ways to protect and manage our marine resources, and establish and maintain sustainable fishing and aquaculture industries.

Physical Sciences Research

The study of Physical Sciences gives us a fundamental understanding of the laws of nature and mathematics, allowing us to study and explore our world and the universe at large.

Zoology and Ecology Research

JCU Zoology and Ecology research spans zoology, ecology, botany, behaviour and evolutionary biology, within a diverse range of terrestrial and marine habitats.

JCU research centres and institutes

Explore the Centres of Excellence, Institutes and Research Centres where our world-renowned researchers are undertaking cutting edge research.