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Our people

Professor Wei Xiang

Professor Wei Xiang is the Foundation Professor and Head of Discipline Electronic Systems and IoT Engineering, the first of its kind in Australia. He is a member of FIET, FIEAust and SMIEEE.

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Dr Bronson Philippa

Dr. Bronson Philippa is an electronics and software engineer. His main focus is software and modelling. Developing scientific software has allowed him to contribute to materials science, image processing, and smart agriculture.

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Dr Yang Du

Dr. Yang Du received his PhD in electrical engineering from The University of Sydney, Australia, in 2013. He joined JCU in 2019 after lecturing in China. His research interests include renewable energy integration and artificial intelligence.

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Dr Eric Wang

Dr Eric (Gengkun) Wang has degrees in mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering and telecommunications engineering, obtained in China and Queensland. He has joined JCU as a lecturer in Electronic Systems and IoT engineering.

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Photo of Dr Lei Lei

Dr Lei Lei

Dr. Lei Lei received her PhD degree in 2006 in telecommunications engineering from Beijing University. Her research interests include IoT, mobile cloud/edge computing, and vehicular communication networks.

Photo of Dr Tao Huang

Dr Tao Huang

Dr Tao Huang received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from UNSW. His research interests include IoT technology for real-world applications, machine-learning algorithms for big-data analytics, and wireless communications technologies.