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Physical Sciences Staff

Associate Professor Shaun Belward

Head of Physical Sciences

Shaun is interested in the role of mathematics and mathematicians in interdisciplinary pursuits in education such as collaboration in learning and teaching for science and engineering students and teacher education.

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Professor Ron White

Dean, Science and Engineering

Ron White is a physicist. He leads the Rapid Assessment Unit - a JCU/QDAFF joint venture focused on rapid non-destructive NIR spectroscopy assessment in primary industries.

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Dr Sara Brice

Lecturer, Biomechanics

Sara's research focuses on performance enhancement in elite sport, injury prevention, and wearable technology. She also undertakes research in the area of pedagogical practices with a focus on assisting students with numeracy.

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Dr Murray Davies

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry. Course Coordinator for Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Murray is an inorganic chemist. His research interests are in coordination chemistry of the d- group metals and its application to biology, medicine, catalysis and in magnetic materials.

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Carolyn Diedricks

Chemical Engineer, Maths Lecturer

Carolyn's focus areas are Maths, Stats, Transition Pedagogy, FYE, Reflective Practice, and motivating students to succeed in Maths subjects as a foundation for Engineering and STEM careers.

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Associate Professor Yvette Everingham

Statistician. Promotional Chair

Yvette is dedicated to identifying strategies that will deliver better learning and teaching outcomes in interdisciplinary science education, and using Big Data Analytics to enhance the sustainability of agricultural systems.

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Carla Ewels

Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science

Carla has strong interests in statistical modelling and methods, particularly in the Bayesian framework. To date, she has worked in the field of marine and medical research, genetics, agriculture and fisheries.

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Associate Professor Scott Heron


Scott Heron's researches coastal and near-shore environmental physics, involving the synthesis of physical information with the biological and/or chemical characteristics of the environment.

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Patrick Higgins

Lecturer, Mathematician

Patrick’s research extends to the Flow Over Topography and numerical solutions to partial differential equations, seepage through porous media, teaching technologies and learning strategies for mathematics education.

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Professor Peter Junk

Nevitt Professor of Chemistry

Peter's research interests involve many aspects of inorganic and organometallic chemistry of the main group and lanthanoid elements, in particular organometallic and amido complexes.

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Associate Professor Daniel Kosov

Chemical Physics

Daniel's researches theoretical and computational chemical physics with applications to material science, nanotechnology, and biology. He develops new conceptual theoretical approaches as well as computer codes for modelling real systems.

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Associate Professor Mike Liddell

Environmental Chemist. Head of Discipline – Chemistry

Mike's current research interests are broadly in environmental science. He runs the TERN Rainforest Ecosystem Process site at Robson Creek and is also active in two TERN sites in the Daintree. In addition he works in the lab on peptide toxins.

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Dr Yang Liu

Lecturer, Chemistry

Yang’s research interests are primarily in the exploration of innovative analytical technologies based on electrochemical reactions, including application of nanomaterials for label-free sensor devices.

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Dr D'Arcy Mullamphy

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics

D'Arcy has recently moved his research focus from physics to mathematics education. D'Arcy has a keen interest in teaching and has received two ALTC citations as well as a JCU excellence in teaching award.

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Associate Professor Michael Oelgemöller

Organic and Medicinal Chemist

Michael's research includes the synthesis of bioactive compounds, the solar production of commodity chemicals from biomass, the development of new photochemical synthesis tools and light-driven water treatment.

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Dr Kelly Trinh

Associate Lecturer, Statistics and Data Science

Kelly's research areas focus on Bayesian statistical modelling, time series, state-space models and high dimensional data. She has extensive experience in developing and implementing machine learning algorithms in finance and health systems.

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Dr Martijn van de Pol

Senior lecturer Biomathematical modelling

Martijn combines modelling and field studies to understand how wildlife copes with our rapidly changing environment. He specializes in the impacts of sea level rise, global warming, human disturbance and predators on population numbers.

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Photo of Dr Lauren Waszek

Dr Lauren Waszek

Physicist, JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas

Dr Waszek has an ARC DECRA Fellowship and her focal area is the physics of seismology of Earth's deep interior from the inner core to the upper mantle.

Greg Boyle

Greg's research focuses on theoretical and computational plasma physics. He is interested in modeling electron and positron transport in gases and liquids, as well as plasma applications for next-generation compact particle-accelerators.

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Research and adjunct staff

Dr Daniel Cocks

Adjunct Physicist

Daniel is currently working with the group of Professor Ron White to develop models for electrons, positrons and positronium propagating through liquids for use in medical diagnostics and therapy.

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Photo of Dr Rosalind Gummow

Dr Rosalind Gummow

Adjunct Research Fellow

Rosalind’s research interests lie in the understanding of the structure-property relationships of transition metal oxides, sulphides and silicates, with particular emphasis on energy storage materials.

Professor Shaik Hakeem

Adjunct Professor

Shaik has research interests in meteorology, climate change and modelling.

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Dr David Kault

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

To download PDS (Public Domain Statistics) a free, easy to use, stand alone, basic statistics package (for WinPC only), written to accompany my book "Statistics with Common Sense", click here (Version 1.01).

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Photo of Adjunct Emeritus Professor Richard Keene

Adjunct Emeritus Professor Richard Keene

Chemistry, Centre for Molecular Therapeutics

Professor Keene's laboratory has been an international pioneer in the development of techniques to control the stereochemistry of the component metal centres in mononuclear and oligonuclear metal complexes.

Professor Robert Robson

Physicist and Meteorologist

Robson's research on gases, plasmas, condensed matter and boundary-layer meteorology has been supported by the ARC, the Humboldt Foundation, the Hitachi Corporation, and the Academy of Science.

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Dr James Whinney

Senior Research Officer

Senior Research Officer with the Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research. Teaches Oceanography and Meteorology and Sensors and Sensing for Scientists.

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Shamshad Karatela

Research Fellow

Shamshad is an environmental and public health researcher with interests in chemical exposures, bio-monitoring, infectious diseases, and climate impacts on health.

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