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Civil Engineering

Professor Anne Steinemann

Research on developing safe and sustainable built environments. Topics include: healthy building design, evaluation, and protocols; indoor air quality investigations and improvements; building materials and consumer products testing; emissions, exposures, and effects; and disaster resilient structures.

A/Prof Siva Sivakugan

Studies on foundations, soft clays, mine back filling, soil internal erosion, ground improvement, addressing real world problems, using laboratory testing and numerical modelling, carried out for the geotechnical and mining industry.

Dr Bithin Datta

  • Groundwater quantity and quality management: management of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers; development of methodologies for detection of unknown contaminant sources in complex aquifers
  • Surface water quality and quantity management: optimal planning and operation of multiple purpose reservoir (dams) systems, real-time operation for flood control, planning models for optimal design of reservoirs, hydrological modelling, drought prediction;
  • Development of AI techniques and application of evolutionary optimization algorithms based multiple objective decision models: surrogate models, ensemble surrogate models, genetic programming, self-organizing maps, singularity mapping, random simulation, linked simulation-optimization.

Prof John Ginger

Studies on wind loading and structural response with the Cyclone Testing Station using wind tunnel model studies, full scale testing, and structural analysis. Outcomes are used by the building industry, and Standards Australia and also for building vulnerability assessments by Emergency management and the Insurance Industry.

Dr Rabin Tuladhar

Studies on sustainable construction materials, fibre reinforced concrete, durability of concrete structures, strengthening of aged infrastructure, and seismic design. Our research on the development of recycled plastic fibres to reinforce concrete, received the Australian Innovation Award in Manufacturing, Construction and Innovation category, in 2015.