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Recent news in Science and Engineering

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough
Fri, 13 Nov 2020
It’s hoped a new research breakthrough will lead to an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease, using the same technique often used to study the origins of the Moon.

Deadly secrets uncovered
Thu, 12 Nov 2020
Scientists have laid bare some of the poisonous secrets of the spectacular blue-ringed octopus.

Turning the tide against poaching
Tue, 10 Nov 2020
A James Cook University researcher has proposed a different approach to combat poaching on coral reefs, that focuses less on fines and more on social influence.

Greater glider species triple
Mon, 9 Nov 2020
Australian scientists have discovered one of Australia’s best-loved animals is actually three different species.

Crown-of-thorns eat themselves out of house & home
Wed, 4 Nov 2020
A world-first study on the Great Barrier Reef shows crown-of-thorns starfish have the ability to find their own way home—a behaviour previously undocumented—but only if their neighbourhood is stocked with their favourite food: corals.

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