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JCU Robo Club

The JCU Robo Club is run by the JCU Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student branch and was formed in 2013.  The club’s main goals are to introduce, promote and teach robotics from an introductory level allowing members the opportunity to gain experience in a more hands on environment.  The club’s main events in the past have involved robotics competitions each semester which will continue in the future.  As part of these competitions, sessions are organised that teach students how to build robots, program microcontrollers and interact with sensors and actuators.

The James Cook University IEEE Student Branch has built an international partnership with the IEEE Student Branch at Rowan University in America to nurture growth and provide members with extra opportunities.  This partnership also gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the expanding reality of the evolving global industrial landscape helping them to live up the IEEE motto, “Networking the World”.

For further information contact the JCU Robo Club.