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Even though the eduQuarium is a working facility with real research projects, we love to give you an exclusive behind the scenes. Have a look at what it means to run a research aquarium and have a talk to our PhD students and qualified staff, who can tell you all about the ins and outs of aquarium life.

Meet stonefish, jellyfish, turtles and other venomous and dangerous animals we research or use for filming.

Check out our YouTube Channel The Nature of Science for more information about the fascinating animals we get to work with here at the eduQuarium.

What we do

From ocean expeditions, milking sea snakes, identifying the potential of venoms for therapeutics, filming documentaries and being a media star, Associate Professor Jamie Seymour's days are never dull.That is the Nature of Science

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Download our tour brochure below and send us an enquiry form if you're interested in having a look at the eduQuarium:

Tour Brochure (PDF, 968 KB)

Enquiry Form (PDF, 432 KB)