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4K Great Barrier Reef showreel shot on RED DRAGON 6K by Emmy award winning cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick ACS

Our Partner on campus: Biopixel

Biopixel specialises in natural history film-making, with a particular focus on research and conservation.

The eduQuarium is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the largest studios in the world dedicated to marine filming.

The studio boasts a number of large filming sets including a living coral reef and a mangrove habitat, located outside for natural light.

Specialist macro tanks, microscopes and motion control pools are located inside the studio facility.

This setup allows animals to be conditioned in natural-looking sets to obtain complex behavioural sequences, many of which have never been filmed before.

The facility hosts a range of marine animals including several venomous species, stonefish, lionfish, sea snakes, crown of thorns starfish, cone-snails, triton shells, and box jellyfish.

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