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Eduquarium group photo

Jamie Seymour

The Jelly Dude

JCU eduQuarium founder, Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit director, and academic head of our research team. He is at the centre of all things venomous. His favourite quote: 'Is it dangerous? Venomous? Let’s research it!'

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Dr Robert Courtney

Senior Researcher

Dr Rob loves to wrestle deadly jellies, explore new research methods and appreciates a good meat pie. He is a fountain of knowledge and our go-to expert when it comes to jellyfish, lobsters, all sorts of weird animals and broken things.

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Photo of Jessica Sleeman

Jessica Sleeman

Aquarium Curator

Nothing happens in the aquarium without Jess's approval. Be in her good books, or you won't be in at all. Sometimes it seems like she has octopus arms juggling all her tasks: water quality, livestock, ethics, group visits, filming, and more.

Photo of Sally Browning

Sally Browning

Cnidarian Aquarist

Volunteering at eduQuarium many years ago, she is now an essential team member and out Social Media expert. Her fascination with animals is inspiring, and she continues to amaze us with her knowledge on the wonderful world of sea jellies.

Photo of Sheree Marris

Sheree Marris

Aquatic Scientist, Raconteur and Resident Mermaid

Sheree Marris is one of Australia’s most experienced environmental communicators and ambassadors. She harnesses her expertise, bubbly personality and enthusiasm to use the media as a powerful tool to educate and empower communities.

Richard Fitzpatrick

Emmy Award winning cinematographer, marine biologist

Richard has shot over 50 films for clients such as the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He is renowned for filming complex behavioural sequences – including high speed, time lapse, motion control and underwater.

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