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National Landcare Program: Smart Farming Partnerships

The Smart Herd project is a $4M collaboration between CSIRO, the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA), satellite IoT company KinĂ©is, Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation, Aak Puul Ngangtam, Normanby Land Management, Charles Darwin University, Microsoft and the JCU eResearch centre.  The project aims to develop improved feral cattle and buffalo herd management for environmental, biosecurity and economic development in remote Northern Australia.

It includes the following core components:

  • Development of core IoT technology using Kineis satellite telemetry (KINEIS Website) - JCU lead
  • Technology testing at the JCU Fletcherview Research Station (approx. 100 animals) - JCU lead
  • Development of management tools for geolocation data - CSIRO lead
  • Deployment of tags on 1000 feral Buffalo and Cattle in the NT - CSIRO and NAILSMA
  • Development of on-ground capacity for herd management within indigenous community organisations - JCU and NAILSMA

You can read more about the project at this press release:  Using AI to tackle feral herds

Credit: Justin Perry CSIRO/NAILSMA