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FALS Book Club

The Foundation of Australian Literary Studies launched our book club in November 2019 with an overwhelming show of support from the Townsville community. Our aim is to celebrate Australian writers across a vast genre of works.

The club reads a range of Australian literature including titles from the Margaret and Colin Roderick Literary Award long and shortlists, recent Roderick award submissions, and old favourites.

This is a no-shame book club - we aim to engage with Australian literature, however expertly or inexpertly. We encourage you to grab a drink and prepare for some friendly banter. Whether you read the book or the blurb, liked it or loathed it, we would love to see you there.

28th January 20227.00pm

Free choice Australian book you read over summer

Townsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville
25 February 20227.00pmInfinite Splendours by Sofie LagunaTownsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville
25 March 20227.00pmThe Arrival & Tales from Outer Suburbia (two books in one month) by Shaun TanTownsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville
29 April 20227.00pmWitness by Louise MilliganTownsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville
27 May 20227.00pmTaboo by Kim ScottTownsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville
24 June 20227.00pmThe Last Woman in the World by Inga SimpsonTownsville Yacht Club
1 Plume St, South Townsville

Joining the FALS Book Club is easy. A FALS Book Club Membership costs just $22 per year.

As a member you'll get to participate in all our book club events as well as other FALS events like the annual lecture. You'll get to hear from authors, meet new friends, and go to bed at night knowing that you are the cultural lifeblood this country needs!

If you would like more information about the FALS Book Club please email