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Enhanced Study Program

The Enhanced Study Program (ESP) offers high achieving Year 12 students the opportunity to extend their learning and get a head start on their Tertiary journey by completing a university subject while at school. Unlike the JCU NOW First Year Subject Program, ESP is delivered within the school environment by nominated Year 12 Subject teachers who are supported by the University.

Current subject availability includes: MA1011 – Mathematical Foundations for Advanced Secondary Students.

Students who wish to enrol in the program need to be achieving a minimum B-level average in Maths Methods and/or Specialist Maths and Physics to be eligible to apply.  A copy of the a most current report card will need to be submitted as part of the application process.

Students will need to complete and submit the nominated application form, with support from their school and parent/care giver in order to participate. All completed application forms are emailed to hello@jcu.edu.au. Applications can be submitted individually, or as a group via the schools nominated teacher.

Successful students will receive their Letter of Offer via email, which includes their JCU student number and subject information. Students will then be able to enrol through the JCU Application.  The school will also receive an email listing the successful students.

Students will be provided with an opportunity to extend their mathematical knowledge and skills and gain two Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) points upon successful completion of the subject.

Students may be eligible to apply for direct entry into an Undergraduate degree at JCU (excluding quota courses), taking the pressure off the need to apply and wait for an offer via a Tertiary Admissions Centre e.g. QTAC.

Students may also be eligible for a credit transfer provided the subject is part of their chosen degree, helping to reduce the cost and duration of their university program.

Students who successful pass their ESP subject are invited to attend an awards ceremony where they will be presented with a Certification of Completion.

There is no cost for the subject, and all resources will be provided to the teacher and the students.  However, the school is expected to nominate a staff member to teach the subject with time allocated in the timetable to allow the subject to be taught in school.

This is determined by the school, however, it is recommended that students attend two hours of lectures/lessons and one hour for a tutorial each week.

Students are expected to be committed to the subject, participate in all lessons and complete all assessment tasks.

They will need good time management skills to balance the demands of an additional subject.

Throughout the subject, there will be an Enhanced Study Program Coordinator who will answer any questions you or the students have as well as manage the LearnJCU site, assessment and act as a point of contact for the teacher and the university.

No, currently, only MA1011 is offered.

It is completely up to the teacher how many resources or lessons they will need to write.  Teachers will receive the subject workbook, which they can use as the basis for their lessons and the subject outline to determine the topics that need to be covered each week.  They may need to produce some resources for the tutorials, but it is also dependent on how the school chooses to deliver the subject and how many lessons a week will be dedicated to the subject.

The subject will run alongside MA1000 during Semester 1 and assessment will be delivered around the same timelines.

Students will have 9 online weekly quizzes, that will be completed through the LearnJCU portal.  There are also two tests that will be delivered during the 13-week semester. Students will need to complete a final exam (worth 60%) during the university’s exam period.

It is understood that with assessment in schools, certain dates may not be suitable.  The school coordinator will need to negotiate the timelines for assessment with the JCU Enhanced Study Program coordinator.  It is possible to be flexible with most exams, but changes will need to be approved by the university.

The online quizzes will be marked automatically, through the LearnJCU portal.  The two tests within the semester will be administered and marked by the students’ teacher, these will then be collected by the JCU Enhanced Study Program Coordinator and delivered to the university.

The final exam will be dependent on the how the students sit the exam.  The final exam can be done at the school, where the teacher will be responsible for marking the exams, or students can come on campus and complete the assessment, in which case it will be marked by the Subject Coordinator, at JCU.  The latter option will mean the school is responsible for organizing the students to come on to campus.

Throughout the semester the Enhanced Study Program Coordinator will send through weekly updates to keep the teacher and school informed on the students’ progress, which will include information on results of online quizzes, their interactions in the subject through the LearnJCU site, as well as the latest assessment results.

If you have more questions about how the program, you can contact the future students team on 1800 943 499 or via email hello@jcu.edu.au.