Future Students Resources for SET Planning

Resources for SET Planning

JCU offers a range of tools to help your students make informed decisions about choosing their senior subjects and start planning for their future now.

Explore our suite of resources to empower your students about career pathways and subject selection so they are ready today for tomorrow.

JCU’s Year 10 Guide provides tips and advice to help students navigate subject selection time. Discover career pathways, understand pre-requisites and get prepared for uni now. Download the JCU Year 10 Guide or if you would like copies for your students, they can be requested through the publication order form.

These handy Career Cards are a great tool to help students understand where a degree can take them. Learn about the future of the profession, perks of the industry, interesting facts, famous faces and subjects to focus on in high school. Download a digital copy below or submit a publication order form to request copies for your students.

This presentation is designed to complement a student’s Senior Education and Training (SET) plan by looking at personal attributes and subject choices. We also introduce students to university study and factors to be taken into consideration when looking at tertiary study as an option.

You can browse the full range of Year 10 activities available in our new Your School and Us information guide.

Contact your school’s JCU Relationship Manager to book a presentation or to find out more information about how we can support your students. If you’re unsure if your school has a Relationship Manager, you can contact the JCU Future Students team for assistance.

JCU NOW is for high achieving Year 11 and 12 students who want to be ready today for tomorrow by studying first year university subjects alongside high school subjects.

Subjects include marine science, engineering, education, health, law and more. Find out what’s required for your students to start at JCU NOW. Download the JCU NOW guidelines.

Download the JCU study and information guides or submit a publication order form to request copies for your school and students.

Stay informed on upcoming events for your school and students with JCU's Future Students Events calendar.

As you explore these resources you may see something of interest for your school community. Your school’s Relationship Manager can help. If you are unsure if your school has a Relationship Manager, you can contact the JCU Future Students team for school engagement enquiries and questions.

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