Travel Subsidy

To assist schools and students from our targeted equity groups with the cost burden of attending our on campus events, JCU will support one travel subsidy  to each of our *HEPPP identified cluster schools to attend the JCU Uni Experience events in either Cairns or Townsville.


  • Schools applying for the travel subsidy must be one of JCU’s HEPPP priority schools
  • One travel subsidy will be allocated each year
  • Subsidy allocation is to the closest JCU Campus of either Cairns or Townsville
  • Events significant to the school, JCU and the HEPPP program will be considered

Subsidy allocation

Subsidy allocation is dependent on distance travelled to the closest JCU Campus event.

Distance from JCUAllocation
0 - 100KM$250
100 - 400KM$500
More than 400KM$2,000


Please complete the Travel subsidy application form and send to Application approval will be confirmed on an individual basis.

Travel subsidy application form

JCU identified HEPPP priority schools


Once application approval is confirmed via email, schools are required to:

  • Receive confirmation approval from the school Engagement team
  • Draw up the invoice (GST is not applicable) to School Engagement, James Cook University for the approved subsidy allocation
  • Electronically issue the invoice to:

    School Engagement

    James Cook University

    PO Box 6811, Cairns QLD 4870

    ABN: 46 253 211 955

For more information on the travel subsidy or the HEPPP program, please contact