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Arrival Service Booking Form

If you would like to be met upon your arrival into the city at which you are studying, complete and submit the form below.

If your arrival details change advise the Student Centre by emailing them on [email protected].

Student details
Include full names and ages of the people that you will be travelling with.
Arrival time * Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
The hour setting uses 24-hour clock
Flight Schedule
Airport *
Train Schedule
Bus Schedule
Accommodation details
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Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that it is necessary to make an Arrival Service booking at least three business days prior to my arrival in Townsville or Cairns.
  • I understand that if I do not make an Arrival Service booking at least three business days prior to my arrival, then I am responsible for making arrangements for transport to my accommodation.
  • I must notify the International Student Support team at least 24 hours prior to my arrival if any of my booking information changes or if I no longer require the Arrival Service.
  • I understand that any non-JCU students travelling with me will be responsible for paying for their Arrival Service. Additional passengers will be required to pay the fee directly to the Arrival Service provider in cash at the time of service.
  • Before submitting my Arrival Service booking, it is essential that I have made suitable accommodation arrangements and they are included in my booking form.