Laura Boderke (Germany)

Laura Boderke is a recipient of the JCU Vice Chancellor’s International Student Scholarship. These prestigious Scholarships recognise students who have achieved academic and personal excellence and demonstrate a commitment to JCU’s values.

“I was very emotional when I learned that I received a 50% scholarship to study at JCU as I was so excited at the opportunity to pursue my higher studies at a top-ranking university for marine biology. When I first got the results, I told my mum and she said this was exactly where I was meant to be. Even though I knew I would be moving across the world without my family, it felt like a natural next step, and getting this scholarship was a bonus.”

Why did you choose to study at JCU?

“I was born in Germany but lived abroad for 10 years with my family. We lived in Canada, Japan, Sweden and then the Czech Republic and eventually we moved back to Germany. The plan was to study somewhere in Europe but then I heard about JCU and kept coming back to the Bachelor of Marine Science at JCU because of all the things the course offered, the environment, and the location. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I applied and received an offer letter.”

JCUInternational student Laura Boderke from Germany with JCU's Vice Chancellor Professor Simon Biggs.

What has been a highlight of your time at JCU so far?

“I’ve already had so many great moments at JCU and feel at home here. The first thing that stands out to me about JCU and Townsville is that the people are really welcoming. It’s nothing like what I have experienced before. It’s easy to connect with people and they are willing to help you out.

Secondly, the wildlife here has really surprised me. Whether on campus or on Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville, there is a new type of animal or species around every corner. Just walking around, you hear all these beautiful birds and other animals.”

What are your career aspirations?

“It’s difficult to say what my career will look like, but that’s why I love this pathway. There is so much that interests me. I love the conservation side of marine science and think there is a lot of work to be done in this area. I am also interested in teaching and storytelling, which allows me to be more creative. I am excited to see what opportunities will arise from undertaking my bachelor’s at JCU.”

What is your advice for prospective international students?

“All the fears you have beforehand are natural and it’s what every international student around the world has gone through. The second you get here there are so many support systems within the university to help you settle into student life. I had those fears before coming to study at JCU, but once I arrived and started to get busy and embrace my new life, all my fears disappeared.”