Ryan Goh Jun Yang (Malaysia)

1. Why did you choose to study at James Cook University?

Before I sent my application, I knew there were a lot of students from around the world who chose to study at JCU if they were interested in marine science. It’s a highly reputable university and I wanted to have that same experience. JCU is really dedicated to its Bachelor of Marine Science degree.

2. What has been the highlight of your study experience at James Cook University so far?

The university offers the space for me to explore what I like in my course, and I have made a lot of good friends. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, so I come from an international background. At JCU there are a lot of different cultures and I feel like it’s easy to meet a lot of people here in the international community. They are very supportive, and I have enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone. Outside of uni life, I recently visited Magnetic Island, which is beautiful and hiked around for four hours. It was quite challenging, but rewarding.

Ryan Goh Jun Yang.

Ryan Goh Jun Yang is making the most of his time as a new international student at JCU.

3. What are your career goals?

I am going to enjoy this experience and go with the flow. I will most likely undertake a master’s degree. My main goal right now is to get used to life in Townsville.

4. What piece of advice would you like to share with any international students considering James Cook University?

I would say to try to ground yourself around Townsville because a lot of students want to go back to their home countries in between semesters. I think it is important you keep your mind focused on your studies and making new friends while you are having all these new experiences in Townsville.